Intricate patterns and movements of a Basket Starfish
spreading its arms and swaying in the gentle currents of the sea

Glimmer of light through the canopy of a forest
shining light upon the pollen and dust riding the breeze

The tessellations of a Night Blooming Cereus on a warm summer eve

Deeply profound and dynamic yet effortless and unselfconscious

Here rest the stillness of mind I seek through my creations.

Using printmaking and papermaking methods that are not entirely controllable, I respond to fortuitous visual elements through layering colors, textures, processes, and imagery. The materials reflect the visual qualities and movements observed in coral reefs, forests, and botanical gardens; the deep red of the Dragon's Heart Hibiscus and Heliconia, the textures of the flowering palms, and the gentle flow of the current under the surface of the ocean. By integrating aspects of taoist philosophy and meditative techniques into my studio practice, I utilize my unselfconscious state of mind to create works that reflect the subtleties found in nature to evoke contemplation, balance, and stillness in the minds of viewers.


Artist Statement